Current Residents

is a sweet 15 year old Palomino whose mother was Gracie.

A 13 year old Standardbred who was injured and could no longer race.

He arrived Nov. 2009 when he was 4 years old.  He was very thin when he arrived but now is lovely and perhaps a little "chunky" and happy.

Our elderly gentle 36 year old Morgan who loves retirement (and meals) here.

Sadly we lost our beloved B.J. Feb. 5/2018.  We loved you and miss you.

A 30ish year old Quarter Horse whose showing days were over and had no place to go.He arrived  Nov.25/09.  He is a gentle boy.

Our resident 18 year old sweet, happy pony who is blind.  She needed a home and the only one interested in her was the "meatman" so she is living out her life with us.  She arrived August 2009 and is probably the smartest equine here.

Our special 30ish year old Thoroughbred who also came from the feedlots in Alberta awaiting slaughter in 2002.  So we are not sure of her age but she is definitely elderly but healthy and loves her retirement. She was adopted soon after her arrival but after checking on her in Barrie, she was not in good shape and they agreed for us to take her back. 

A lovely 30 year old Thoroughbred ex-race horse who won over $300,000 in her racing career but had no place to go.  She is mainly blind now but loves life and retirement.

Sadly our beloved, gentle Stella left us Dec. 26/2017.  She was one of the sweetest horses here and we will miss her.

Our lovely 18 year old Paint. 
He was injured as a yearling and would have been put down
if we had not taken him.  He is permanently lame and even a child
would be too much weight for him. He arrived September 2008 and is 19 years old. 

He is a "character" and before we got the permanent wooden fencing(had electric

fencing that did not always work) he would get out and run down the road from the pasture

and up the driveway "home."  Everyone loves Spencer.

Our 1800 lb.Belgian gentle giant who was overworked and
developed arthritis in his shoulder. He arrived November 2012.  He is approx. 15 years old.

- A beautiful 11 year old Standardbred who immediately became part of the herd. 
She is lame but loves retirement. She arrived Sept. 2013.

A lovely 15 year old Quarter Horse who is green broke but just wants to be a horse.

Count arrived August 2011.

Chico arrived March 2013.  He is a sweet 15 year old mini donkey who had been
abused and a bit wild when he arrived. 
He has come a long way and was thrilled when Pippin arrived!

In July 2013, Pippin arrived. 
He is a 15 year old pony who has laminitis and is very lame. 
He is inseparable from Chico.  

A 25 year old Standardbred whose best friend is Sophie.
(He was Spirit's best friend)
When he was injured, his racing career was over.  He loves retirement.

Our 16 year old Draft Cross who is the "watchdog" of the herd. 
She is always watching for anything out of the ordinary. 
She also likes to turn the lights on nightly in the barn for the horses. 

On Canada Day 2013, "Henny" arrived.  He is a lovely Thoroughbred
who raced 63 races in his young life.  He was rescued from the track but
his owner could not keep him.  He is lame and it took 2 years to get weight
on him as he was so skinny but he is one of the sweetest horses here
and loves retirement. 

J.D." is a 25 year old Thoroughbred who was also rescued from Alberta awaiting slaughter.  She still has emotional issues but has come a long way in her trust of humans. Since she was rescued from Alberta we do not know her age for sure. She arrived in the fall of 2002.

A 20 year old Thoroughbred who arrived Canada Day 2015. 
He loves Angel and they are always together. 

Arrived Sept. 2016. He is 19 years old.  He is a 1700 lb.
Appaloosa who immediately made himself at home with the herd.

A beautiful, sweet Thoroughbred from the race track with very bad arthritis. She arrived July 2014.

She is 21 years old.  She is the lamest horse here and is on Recovery and meds from the vet and doing OK.

Even a child would be too much weight for her.

Friends Of The Horses

Forsetti - Is an Alpine goat who arrived with Loki and was also sick with pneumonia. 
They both have thrived under Courtenay's love and care.

Is a La Manche goat who arrived at a month old sick with pneumonia. 
He and Forsetti were bottle fed for 3 months and are both very happy and healthy