Tribute To Past Residents

Patience - Patience had eyes with deep sunken sockets. The kind vet who tended to her felt we could save her but was concerned that there too much damage with her major organs. Amazingly there was no damage. Patience was so weak when she arrived, the vet had to give her several shots to give her the strength to stand. Her hide was so tough, the vet said it was like going through rhinoceros skin as there was absolutely no collagen or fat left. But Patience was one tough Arab and she came through. We started her slowly on beet pulp and good feed and vitamins and within a few months she gained around 400 pounds. She was the gentlest horse we have ever met.

Gracie – Patience had a best friend and she was Gracie, another very gentle Arab who was also a starvation case. Our beloved Gracie passed Jan. 7th/2015.  She had been with us for 12 1/2 years coming, from the feedlot in Alberta awaiting slaughter. When she arrived, she was pregnant with "Baby" who is still with us.  We could not separate this mother and baby as their bond was so special.  She loved her time here and no horse loved to graze more than Gracie and

Other special past residents follow.  We will always remember every one of them” – Debbi Brown