Open House



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2014 12th Annual Pictures

There is nothing better then a good friend

Everyone is Welcome at
Debbi's Horse Rescue

Treat me to a carrot and I will follow you anywhere

Chico and Payton

Payton with Grandpa Rick and Baby
at Open House

Riding Pride is a piece of cake!

Do you have anything to eat, Payton?

Payton, Pippin and Payton

Hugo with Grandma Jen and Chico

Thank you for the carrots, Hailey and Bella!"

Baby and Hugo, "Boy are you short

One of our rescue ducks living here

Olivia at work
Chico, Debbi ad Payton

Some horses are easier to ride

A happy volunteer

Christine managed to provide endless massages...putting to sleep many of our visitors" !

A very happy farrier at the Open House
  The farrier at work