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 We have been a Federally Registered Charity since Feb. 2003 rescuing and placing over 180 horses most destined for slaughter and helping many more.   Please look through the pictures of the many horses who have come into our care and the pictures of the ones who presently reside here.  We receive no funding and depend on donations and fundraising to feed and care for the horses.
2017 has been a good year for the horses and we are grateful for all the support and love shown them.
Our 15th Annual Open House in June was our most successful Open House ever.   The horses loved the attention and especially the carrots! Thank you to all who came out to meet the horses.   We are making plans for our 16th Annual Open House and  hope you can attend.  The kids love the activities we have for them and meeting the horses here.  Thank you to all the kind people who support the horses. We were able to build a new run in for the horses as some of the horses love being outside in a run in rather than in the barn.  They all come and go as they want.  We only stall at night and in bad weather our blind pony, and the ones that love having their own stall.
*******Our 16th Annual Open House for the horses is fast approaching!  It is Saturday, June 2/2018 and June 3/2018 from 9-4
Come and meet the horses and see what we are about.  We will have a raffle, BBQ, Farrier Demonstration, Free Face Painting, Free Hair Chalking, Lots of fun activities for the children.  Come and meet friends of the horses, Loki and Forsetti, the rescue goats.  Hope to see you!!!!********.
Our Address is:  628 Ofield Road North, Waterdown
A generous donation has been made by Bill Walker on Behalf of his wife, Iris Lustig for the horses.  Thank you.
A donation has been made by the Benevity Community Impact  Fund for the horses.
Thank you to monthly sponsors of Baddick, Blind Pony, Chance, and others sponsored by Jenny , Celia, June, My Dog Spot, and Sue.
A donation has been made in Honour of Wendy Atmore for her Birthday.  "She loves horses!  Happy Birthday from Paulina, Nancy, Lianne.  "We love you!"
Thank you to Joy DeAth for her generous donation for the horses.  We appreciate your on going support for the horses and hope you can make it to the Open House this year, June 2 and June 3/2018.
A donation has been made by Wendy Springer for the horses.  Thank you for your on going support.  We hope you can make it to our 16th Annual Open House June 2 and June 3/2018.
A generous donation has been made by Tim and Lori Murphy in Memory of William Stephenson, for the horses.
Mr. Stephenson loved horses. 
A donation has been made by Dorothy Jelaca in Honour of Tanya Jelaca for the horses.
Cathy and Howard Sharpe have made a donation in Memory of Lacy Sharpe,
"Our beautiful quarter horse, Lacy was a quiet , kind girl who brought joy to everyone around her. 
Her adopted boy, Samson misses her greatly as we do."
Our sincere sympathy.  We totally understand.  Tears as I type this. D.
Thank  you to Gary Geissberger for his donation for the horses.
A donation has been made in Honour of Iyana for her birthday for the horses.
A donation has been made by Luigi Congi in Lieu of a Birthday present for Julia Balkwill for the horses.
Thank you for the anonymous donation in Honour of Deb Shantz for the horses.
Thank you to Jenna Black for her generous donation in Memory of Nicholas Graveney for the horses.
Thank you to everyone who sponsors a horse monthly.  Celia Kolinsky, June O'Brien, Jenny B., My Dog Spot Pet Grooming in Honour of Quinn Liang.
I am fighting a serious illness and I am not on the computer as much now and  apologize but I believe in miracles and prayer and staying positive. Thank you.
I have moved the older "thank yous" to "donors" under the "thank you" section heading.  All the donations from 2017.