In Memory

Looking at Patience for the first time we were shocked. We had never seen such an emaciated animal ever. Every rib showed, her backbone was protruding, her eyes were like aliens with deep sunken sockets. The kind vet felt we could save her but did blood work to see what damage had been done to her major organs. Amazingly there was no damage. She felt she was within a week or two of dying without our intervention. Patience was so weak when she arrived the vet had to give her several shots to give her the strength to stand. She said it was like going through rhinoceros hide as there was absolutely no collagen or fat left. She was one tough Arab. We started her slowly on beet pulp and good feed and vitamins and within a few months she gained around 400 pounds. She was the gentlest horse we have ever met.

Her best friend was Gracie, another very gentle Arab who was also a starvation case. Patience taught us so much.


Our beloved Gracie passed last week on Jan. 7th/2015.  She had been with us for 12 1/2 years coming from the feedlot in Alberta awaiting slaughter. She had been a starvation case the SPCA took to the feedlot as no one wanted her.  She was pregnant with "Baby" who is still with us.  We could not separate this mother and baby as their bond was so special.  She loved her retirement here.  No horse loved to graze more than Gracie and how she loved her meals.  She knew she was "spoiled" as her pail was always fuller with extra nutrients and supplements to help with her arthritis and proneness to being underweight.  She was in her late 20's the vet felt.  She was eating well the day before, munching on her favourite, second cut hay as a between meal snack.  She had enjoyed being out in the sun the day before.  The vet came immediately when told Gracie would not eat.  There was a major tumor that ruptured, the vet said.  She knew how much she was loved.    The barn seems empty without her presence but she is running and playing again as she once did.  She had been lame for many years.  We are grateful for the 12 years we had our Gracie in our lives.  A friend sent me a picture she took of Gracie on Dec. 12/2014 which shows sun prisms surrounding her and somehow there is an etched heart in the snow near her feet.  We hope to put it on the website so everyone can see how special our Gracie was.